Clash of Faculties – Mobile strategy game

Introduction to the project

Clash of Faculties is a mobile game which is available on Android and iOS. In this strategy game, students at the EPFL compete to take control of various buildings on the campus. There are two mode in the game, Attack and Defense.

In the first mode, players have to use their GPS and physically move inside buildings controlled by other teams to initiate attacks. In the second mode, players can participate from anywhere either by protecting zones under their control or by helping teammates which initiated attacks.

The game counted ~500 registered users by the end of the launch week with 260 registrations on the first day (only users with EPFL or UNIL email addresses were allowed). Twelve hours after the launch, the game reached #1 in the rankings for trending strategy games in Switzerland on Android.


  • Designing simple but addictive game mechanics
  • Master new tools such as Unity, C# and Firebase
  • Finding consensus on design and implementation among a team of 7 people, 4 of which are developers
  • Raising public awareness and anticipation prior to the launch
  • Meeting hard deadlines to publish the app at a specific point in time
  • Retaining user attention after the launch
  • Quickly obtaining feedback from users to balance the game experience and difficulty levels